Updates and news String Arrangement Service Renovation. (April 1st, 2023~)

22 Feb 2023
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Hello, this is AimStrings. 

Starting from April 1st, the string arrangement service within the popular music arrangement service will be partially reorganized and we'd like to inform you about the changes.

1. Removal of RMO Speed option and introduction of RMO Draft service

We have removed the ambiguous RMO Speed option and revamped it as a new option for demo song producers who need fast and cost-effective string arrangements.

You can pay 50% of the RMO Extreme Detail service upfront, and if further work is needed after the release is confirmed, you can pay the remaining balance. If the demo song is cancelled or no additional work is required, the remaining balance will be waived. 

Please note: Only one revision is provided before the remaining balance is paid, and a single WAV of the strings is provided. (WAV multi-track and MIDI files are not provided.)

2. Price adjustment for RMO Pro and Extreme Detail options

MIDI String (RMO Pro): 640 USD

MIDI String (RMO Extreme Detail): 740 USD

Real String Arrangement (including sheet music work and directing): 900 USD (no change)

3. YouTube Live String Arrangement Broadcast EVENT

Are you curious about how your song will be arranged? 

We will reveal everything from the sketching stage of the arrangement to the tracking work! 

How to participate:

STEP 3. Select the "YouTube Live Arrangement Broadcast" option in the additional services, and you can watch the dedicated composer arrange your song live on YouTube.
Also, everyone who requests this option will instantly receive a credit of 100 USD


  • This event is for a limited time only and may end without notice.
  • Since the demo version of the song will be released on YouTube before it is officially published, if you do not want this, you cannot participate in the event.


We sincerely thank the many customers who have used AimStrings, and we will continue to strive to provide even better services in the future.

Thank you.