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Aim Strings
27 Sep 2022
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AimStrings is working hard to create a fun participatory space service through the formation of a healthy bulletin board culture.

Bad posts and comments reporting system

- The following posts may be subject to sanctions, and any member can report it.

  • Contains sexually explicit content or profanity.
  • Exposing or slandering the real name of an individual or specific group.
  • In case of causing inconvenience to users by repeatedly posting the same content.
  • In case of harming the public interest or interfering with the use of others.

Permissible range of promotional articles

- If you are a corporate member, you can promote new products, events, and discounts in your music business in the Information & Tips category.

- General members may also post promotional articles for informational purposes such as competitions, performances, discounts on third-party products, and recommendations.

- You can freely post musicians' album promotions, YouTube/SNS promotions, and self-promotions.

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