Tips & Info.Steinberg Cubase 12 on sale: 40% off, free plugins

Minhun Kang
27 Sep 2022
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Existing Cubase 12 owners can also get free partner plugins from the My Steinberg - Voucher tab.

Ends October 3rd. Hurry up!


Save 40% On Cubase 12 And Get Free Partner Products!

Whether you want to switch from another DAW, start producing with Cubase or upgrade to version 12, now is your chance to save 40% on all updates, upgrades and full versions.* Available in the Steinberg online shop and at your local retailer, this unmissable offer is valid from September 1, 2022 until October 3, 2022.

And there is even more! Every Cubase Pro 12, Artist 12 and Elements 12 customer will get access to some stunning partner products without additional costs. Depending on your Cubase 12 version you will find voucher codes for some excellent plug-ins from our friends from Acustica Audio, Arturia, Celemony, Softube and also Steinberg in your MySteinberg account, based on the Cubase version you register.**

Full Versions

Cubase Pro 12 Logo

Cubase Pro 12



Price including 10% VAT

Cubase Artist 12 Logo

Cubase Artist 12



Price including 10% VAT

Cubase Elements 12 Logo

Cubase Elements 12



Price including 10% VAT


Updates & Upgrades

Cubase Pro 12 Logo

Cubase Pro 12


Updates from €59.99

Price including 10% VAT

Cubase Artist 12 Logo

Cubase Artist 12


Updates from €47.99

Price including 10% VAT

Cubase Elements 12 Logo

Cubase Elements 12


Updates from €17.99

Price including 10% VAT


Competitive Crossgrade

Cubase Pro 12



Price including 10% VAT



*Educational versions are not included in the offer.

**Voucher codes have to be registered at the partner website during the promotion and will expire automatically on October 3rd, 2022.

There Is Even More...

We have teamed up with some of our favorite Partners to make the 2022 Cubase Sale unforgettable. Whether you have just purchased Cubase 12 or you have already updated to the latest version, when you log into your Steinberg Account, you will get access to some amazing plug-ins. Are you on Cubase Elements 12? You will have the chance to also get Softube's Dirty Tape and Acustica Audio's Fire The Clip plug-ins. Perhaps you are a Cubase Artist 12 user? In that case, you also get Celemony's Melodyne Essential and Steinberg's own Amped Elektra E-Piano. And if you are on Cubase Pro 12 you can enjoy all of the aforementioned plug-ins, plus Arturia's legendary CS-80 emulation. That is nearly €500 of extra value!

Please note that these bonus products from our Partners have to be registered at the partner websites during the promotion. The voucher codes will automatically expire on October 3rd, 2022.

It may take up to 24 hours after the purchase for the vouchers to be displayed in your MySteinberg account.

Arturia CS-80

Celemony Melodyne Essential

Steinberg Amped Elektra

Softube Dirty Tape

Acustica Audio Fire The Clip

Arturia CS-80 V: Animoid articulate synthesizer

CS-80 V faithfully resurrects the most famous Japanese synthesizer of all time in software form; a nexus of unmatched expressivity, distinctly cinematic sound, and cutting-edge softsynth enhancements for a virtual instrument that’s almost human.

Only in Pro

Celemony Melodyne 5 essential: How you want to work with audio today

Many producers regard Melodyne on account of its musicality and naturalness as an unrivalled and indispensable plug-in for vocal editing. With the small edition, Melodyne 5 essential (worth 99 €/US$), you get the basic functions for editing pitch and timing – but with the same legendary, Grammy-Award-winning algorithms as the larger editions. And you can upgrade at any time. Your entry into the world of professional vocal editing.

Only in Pro & Artist

Steinberg Amped Elektra: Warm & Funky E-Piano

Dive into the smooth world of the Amped Elektra. The Amped Elektra was inspired by the Hohner Electra, recorded from a completely restored one and reamped through three vintage amps. Its distinctive, beautifully warm and funky sound can be the soul of every Funk, (Neo) Soul and Jazz production.

Only in Pro & Artist

Acustica Audio Fire The Clip: The secret weapon for loud and powerful mixes

Fire the Clip is one of the best and most complete 'easy to use', digital 'ultra linear' clipper around. Thanks to its own intrinsic and very dynamic features, you can achieve a competitive loudness level without introducing artefacts and distortion.

Only in Pro, Artist & Elements

Softube Dirty Tape: Instant lo-fi modulation & distortion

Capable of fiercely gritty distortion and saturation or more subtle texture and movement, Dirty Tape gives you warm, analog vibes from the moment you load it on a track. Like a photo filter foryour music, it willtake you from static and dull to livelyand colorful in a snap.

Only in Pro, Artist & Elements

Frequently Asked Questions


I have recently purchased Cubase and now there is sale on. Can I get a refund?

We are sorry, but our Cubase sales offers are only available from September 1 - October 3, 2022. We cannot refund your previous purchase or upgrade you for free.

Are education version also included in the sale?

No, education versions of Cubase are not included in this sales promotion.

Can I also purchase Cubase with the discount at my local retailer?

Yes, the Cubase sales promotion discount is also available at participating retailers.

Free VST Partner plug-ins

How do I get the free plug-ins?

Update to or purchase Cubase 12 and redeem the Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Go to your MySteinberg account

Go to "Vouchers".

Click in the link to the partner website next to the plug-in you want to get.

Use the activation code to register your plug-in at the partner website.


I have already updated to Cubase 12 some time ago? Can I also get the free plug-ins?

Yes, absolutely. Please visit your MySteinberg account and you will find the code and the link in the Voucher tab.

Will the voucher code expire?

Yes, the voucher codes for the VST Partner plug-ins will only be valid during the sales promotion. Please make sure to redeem the free partner products until October 3, 2022.

I have multiple Cubase 12 licenses in my account. Will I receive multiple licenses for each partner product as well?

No, you will only be granted one licenses of each partner product that your license is eligible for per account. Even if you have five Cubase Pro 12 licenses in your account, we are only allowed to provide one licenses of each partner product.

Are the free partner plug-ins also available for Cubase LE 12 or Cubase AI 12?

No, Cubase LE and Cubase AI are not included in this promotion.

Are the free partner plug-ins also available for educational version of Cubase 12?

Yes, if you have registered an educational version of Cubase 12 (Pro/Artist/Elements) you will be eligible for the free partner plug-ins.

Crossgrade now for 40% off

I have a different DAW to Cubase. Can I crossgrade?

Cubase Pro is available as a crossgrade version at a discounted price. To acquire such a version, you must own a software product that is eligible for the corresponding crossgrade.

You are eligible for the crossgrade if you own any of the listed non-Steinberg-products:

Ability Pro

Ableton Live 8 or higher (Standard and Suite / excl. Intro)

Apple Logic 9 or higher

Avid Pro Tools 9 or higher incl. subscriptions (Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD / excl. First

Bitwig Studio 1 or higher (excl. Bitwig 16-Track)

Cakewalk Sonar X2 or higher (Platinum and Professional / excl. Artist / Cakewalk by Bandlab is excluded)

Cockos Reaper (Commercial license only / excl. discounted license)

Imageline FL Studio 11 or higher (Signature and Producer / excl. Fruity)

Magix Samplitude Pro X 1 or higher (excl. Music Studio)

Magix Sequoia 9 or higher

MOTU Digital Performer 7 or higher

Presonus Studio One (Professional / excl. Prime and Artist)

Propellerhead Reason 6 or higher

For the purchase of crossgrade products you need to provide proof of eligibility. The proof must be submitted as a file and uploaded to the appropriate place in the Steinberg Online Shop.

We only accept proofs that are legible and uploaded meeting one of the following requirements:

A copy of your purchase receipt for the original license or the most recent update/upgrade

A screenshot of your product registration

A photo of your package (either CD/DVD or printed manual), with the unique serial number included in the photo.

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